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Our safe core refuge is a provided room in a secure home for women and their children to live safely after experiencing or living through the threat of domestic abuse.

Our dispersed accommodation is a series of flats in the community where we can offer a safe haven to a wider demographic of people, including men.

Adjusting to life in a new environment can be difficult, especially as domestic abuse can have a devastating and lasting impact on both adults and children. But in our refuge, you will meet other people who understand what you have been through, and our highly trained staff will be there to help you settle in and give you the support you need to start thinking about your future.

What Happens when you Arrive?

Often residents arrive at our refuge with very few possessions or sometimes with nothing at all. In order to help you settle in, we can provide items you need such as clothing, food, toiletries, toys, school uniforms and baby supplies such as nappies if you need them. If you are concerned about retrieving your personal items, this is something we can help you with once you are settled.

All rooms have clean bed linen, a sink and a bed(s). Our rooms vary in size, depending on what you and your family require. Kitchens and bathrooms are shared although some rooms have a private shower and are assigned according to availability, your need and family size. Our flats are small but perfectly formed, with your own kitchen and bathroom.

On arrival you will be introduced to your key worker who will provide a tour of the accommodation, fire exits and procedure, and show you the communal lounge areas and laundry facilities.

Planning Ahead

You will be asked to sign a licence agreement and client contract. Your allocated worker can support you to make an application for housing benefit (if you are eligible). Once settled, they can also support you with a range of other practical issues, such as registering with a local doctor, dentist, schools, housing advice, how to apply for your correct entitlement to benefits, contacting solicitors, and dealing with any immigration issues. We will always support you to report to Police, but we will never pressure you to do so, it is your decision.

Route to Refuge

If you and your family need to leave your current home and have nowhere else to stay, we may be able to provide you a room. First you will need to complete a referral with one of our trained practitioners. Due to high demand, spaces may not always be available, but we can support to find spaces in other refuges if need be.

If you are not sure how to contact us, we recommend you first call our domestic abuse helpline COMPASS. You can also contact Safe Steps directly on 01702 302 333.

How Much will it Cost?

Most people who stay in our refuge will be funded by housing benefits, but we can discuss this with you as part of the referral process. We also require you to pay a small weekly top up fee. This will be discussed with you after your initial referral.

Please do not assume you cannot access refuge if you are working as this should not be a barrier to you finding somewhere safe to stay. Our team can provide you with advice about how to access safe accommodation.

Life in Refuge

In addition to the 1:1 support sessions you will receive in refuge, you can access:

The team also try to observe religious holidays and customs as well as national holidays and special occasions. If there is anything in particular you need to help you take part in your own religious/cultural customs, we will do our best to support you. We endeavour to make your stay with us as positive as possible.

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